the outline of ARA

History and Purpose of the Association
Association of Railway Architects was founded in September 1954 by railway
in order to spread and advance knowledge about railway architecture, through
the exchange of information about domestic and foreign railway architecture
and research on building techniques.
After the Minister of Transport approved the establishment of the Association
as an incorporated body,railway architects nationwide joined the organization;
We have grown into an organization with500-member corporation and
2900 individual members.

The Association consists of corporate member, individual members,
and honorary members.
Main Activities

1. A monthly newsletter “Railway Architecture News” is published.
It provides the latest information about domestic and foreign railway architecture.
2. Association of Railway Architects holds meetings and annually gives awards
to recognize our members’ special achievements in the following areas:
“Architectural Work” contests: Supported by the Ministry of Transport Railway
Bureau Chief Award is awarded to the project judged as most excellent.
“Monograph and Achievement” category: Awards are given for excellent monographs
and special achievements.
“Railway architect’s Meeting”: Architects nationwide engaged in construction
and maintenance of railway architecture participate, and report on research
findings based on professional experience.
3. We fulfil the association members’ needs for information, by storing and
circulating technical information related to railway architecture, and by
exchanging information with overseas sources.
4. Lecture, tours, and architecture exhibits are held at the association headquarters
and at branches throughout the nation.
General Information
Name :  Association of Railway Architects (Incorporated)
Address:   1-7-1 Uchisaiwai-cho
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒100-0011, Japan
Phone :  03-3591-2871